Comfort Systems Rebates and Loans

ComfortSystems, a division of the City of Duluth Public Works and Utilities Department,  provides the citizens of Duluth with water, sewage, and natural gas services. 

ComfortSystems also offers a rebate program for people that purchase a new, high-efficiency boiler or furnace. When you buy a new high efficiency boiler or furnace from one of their trade partners and it is installed within the ComfortSystems service territory, you get a rebate from $50 to $200, depending on the efficiency of the unit. To qualify for the rebate, the unit installed must be on the ComfortSystems’ rebate equipment list.

Not only does ComfortSystems offer rebates, it also works with the City of Duluth Energy Loan Program to lend funds for natural gas energy improvements to properties for up to $30,000 at a 4.9% interest rate for ten years.

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