Duluth Transit Authority

The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) is the agency responsible for operating the transportation systems of Duluth, Superior, and Hermantown. Its mission is to provide safe, efficient, convenient, and affordable public transport to these areas. In 2018, the DTA introduced seven electric Proterra buses and became the first municipal transportation authority in Minnesota to operate electric fixed-route busses. Their fleet of buses contains a mix of diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles. 

The DTA also operates several transit hub facilities throughout the city and opened their new downtown Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) in 2016. The DTC houses a police substation, several amenities for riders in transit, secured indoor bicycle storage, and 410 parking spaces with chargers for electric vehicles.

The DTA operates both fixed-route and paratransit services. In addition to these services, they also operate STRIDE services for disabled citizens and the Port Town Trolley circulator service for tourists visiting the area during the summer months.

The DTA plans on achieving their goal of creating an efficient and sustainable transit service by: 1) increasing transit ridership annually, 2) increasing the economic efficiency of their service, 3) coordinating future plans with the Metropolitan Interstate Council (MIC) Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), 4) further developing the multimodal coordination of bus routes and stops with bike trails and “Park & Ride” services, and 5) by maximizing on-site recycling and minimizing the carbon footprint of its vehicles.

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