Switch to an Electric Car

Did you know that in 2018, 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States came from the transportation sector? Even more striking is the fact that more than half of these emissions in the transportation sector come directly from your vehicles no different than those of your average driver! As electric vehicles have begun to become more prevalent on the market, switching to an electric car is worth serious consideration. 

Besides the overwhelming positive impact on decreasing carbon emissions, electric cars provide their owners with several benefits. In a 2017 study published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, it was found that electric vehicles can save their owners $440 to $1,070 annually; this is dependent on the owner’s utility provider, the utility company’s rates, and the cost of gasoline locally. That said, many utility companies offer electric vehicle owners cheaper rates for charging their vehicles during off-peak hours, such as overnight. Off-peak rates can vary from $0.03 per kWh to $0.21 per kWh, but these rates are equivalent to gasoline prices ranging from $0.25 per gallon to $1.78 per gallon—now that’s a deal! Furthermore, electric vehicles are far cheaper to maintain than gas-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles do not require oil changes and their electric motors and batteries are either serviced rarely or not at all!

Consider these facts the next time you’re thinking about a new vehicle lease or upgrade. An electric vehicle may very well cut you a better deal than any car salesman ever could!

Sources: Going from Pump to Plug and EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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