Expand Local Food Access in Schools

Writing the school board and copying the new Superintendent. The email addresses are:
Schoolboard@isd709.org & john.magas@isd709.org for continued support of the Duluth Farm to School program, as well as increased integration of local produce in cafeterias to provide greater food access, jobs and economic benefits in our community while being climate stewards. The more that we can facilitate community demand, the more likelihood for district action to take place.
Duluth Farm to School was recently included in the Bridging Health goals as a means for increasing nutritionally dense food access for K-12 students.
I’m also attaching a recent Duluth Farm to School Fact Sheet and another study that Emily Anderson shared with me which highlights the continued need for Farm to School especially now with Covid. Three of the school garden sites this summer transitioned into community produce distribution gardens. So far close to 175 pounds of produce has been harvested from these gardens and distributed in high-need neighborhoods, with a lot more to come as Duluth’s harvest peak is just beginning.

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