Increase Your Home's Insulation

Did you know that your home’s insulation not only keeps you warm in the winter but helps keep you cool all summer? Insulation is a crucial piece of your home’s energy profile and poor insulation can lead to a multitude of problems, from high energy bills to moisture being trapped in your walls, so it is essential to properly insulate your home. Proper insulation can lead to 15% or more decrease in your yearly energy costs.

You have a lot of options when it comes to replacing or adding insulation to your home. You can add rolls of insulation or blow in cellulose insulation. For new construction spray foam insulation could be an option with a greater insulation ability but it comes with higher costs. Having a Home Energy Audit performed will allow a technician to come in and make assessments and recommendations for your home when it comes to insulation. Schedule a home energy audit today! 

Or, take a look at the MN Commerce Departments: Home Energy Guide for tips to help you with self-installation of insulation.

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