Learn From Others

There is a limitless amount of information that you can learn from another person. That is because we all have different backgrounds. Different experiences. Different life lessons. Shared learning from both successful and unsuccessful experiences can deepen collective, community knowledge.

When it comes to starting to grow and/or process your own food, the first place you can look to is directly at the source. Finding people who are locally growing and/or processing food, and most importantly, willing to share their experiences and knowledge base with you is an invaluable resource. 

Let’s be real, food and friendship often go hand-in-hand. Connecting with fellow members of the growing/producing community has never been easier! This is especially true for those who grow in local community gardens or shared growing spaces. But with the creation of online gardening communities, growers can easily communicate with those who share their passion without leaving their homes.

If you have a friend who has a garden or perhaps they have a passion for canning vegetables, you’re one step away from starting your food producing journey. Be bold and reach out to them! After all, that’s what friends are for.

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