Our Crew Leaves an Impact

We would like to extend a very big thank you to the Americorps NCCC team, Cedar 2! Ecolibrium3 got to host this awesome team at the Eco3 Farm this spring. Throughout March and April the team braved unseasonably (or should we say unreasonably?) cool weather and completed many projects at the Eco3 farm, paving the way to greater food accessibility by improving infrastructure and community programming. Projects included building a compost area, insulating and repairing two 80ft high tunnels, building farm infrastructure, and moving 15 tons of dirt! The work the team accomplished has gone a long way to ensuring a productive agricultural season this summer and for many summers after!

 In addition, Cedar 2 helped us take the first steps to creating the community grocery store in Lincoln Park, completed several improvement projects at the Lincoln Park Resilience Hub, and took part in many Earth Week activities. Thank you Cedar 2 for all that you did and do!