Conduct a Plug Load Inventory

A plug load inventory is a careful assessment of all things in a building that are plugged into an outlet in your workspace. Studies have shown that plug loads can make up almost 50% of a building’s energy use, when all other improvements for efficiency have been made. This load is made up mainly by computers, monitors, and other office equipment, which are constantly plugged in and running. Knowing exactly what equipment is plugged in is your first step to addressing the energy usage. The New Buildings Institute recommends this five step approach to reducing your plug load.

  1. Review: Inventory your equipment and identify your most often used devices.
  2. Remove: Eliminate any unnecessary equipment.
  3. Replace: When buying new equipment make sure it is energy efficient.
  4. Reduce: Turn off devices when not in use.
  5. Retrain: Make sure all staff know when and why it’s important to shut off devices while not in use.

Learn more about how to reduce you plug load here.

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