Protect Black Ash Trees

The emerald ash borer is an invasive beetle species whose larvae burrow into and feed on the inner bark of ash trees. According to The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the emerald ash borer is threatening the health of the nearly 1 billion ash trees in the state. 

Many of Duluth’s ash trees may need to be removed or treated to prevent the further spread of the emerald ash borer. Limiting the spread of the beetle is especially important because the loss of a significant number of ash trees in Duluth could reduce the city’s tree canopy and damage vulnerable streams, such as Miller Creek, where a loss of ash trees could lead to increased erosion and water runoff and decreased ability to sequester carbon.  

The City of Duluth is already taking steps to stop the spread of the emerald ash borer by treating or removing trees on public property, replacing removed trees with other species, using biological controls in Hartley Park to reduce the population of the emerald ash borer and raising awareness of the issue by placing green ribbons on ash trees throughout the city. You can help protect ash trees and combat the spread of the emerald ash borer too by following these steps: 

  • Do not move firewood between sites unless it is certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 
  • Report any trees that you think may be infected by the emerald ash borer to the MDA. Infected trees can be recognized by signs such as, S-shaped marks under the bark, D-shaped exit holes in the trunk, and a reduction in foliage, which is called canopy dieback. 
  • Plant new trees to replace ash trees that have been removed. 
  • If you are a property owner with infected ash trees, treat or remove the trees. 

Learn more about the emerald ash borer, how to recognize it, and how to protect ash trees from this invasive species by visiting the following websites: 

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