Sell Electric Cars

As electric vehicles are being produced nationwide in greater quantities than ever before, the demand for them is increasing dramatically. Yet, there are currently no dealers in the Duluth metropolitan area that sell electric cars. As electric cars and public charging stations become more prevalent, the demand for electric cars in the Northland will only increase. If a dealership were to decide to offer electric cars for sale, it would provide a service to our community towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, as well create a potentially lucrative sales market.

In a 2020 consumer report created by Deloitte, respondents indicated that the biggest motivation for switching to an electric vehicle was to lower their emissions. Lowering their maintenance/operational costs was a close second. The study also found that a majority of people in the US are willing to pay the same price or even more for an electric vehicle.

SourceDeloitte’s 2020 Automotive Industry Consumer Reports

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