Dibajinjigaadeg Anishinaabe Ezhitwaad: A Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu

Climate change affects communities around the world and one of the more susceptible groups are indigenous peoples. With their lifestyle and culture directly connected to the natural world, climate change can have potentially disastrous effects. The Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu was organized with a diverse group of contributors from tribal members to government entities from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This will provide a framework to better integrate indigenous and traditional knowledge, culture, language and history in the future of climate change and the adaptation to it. 

The Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu was designed to be a stand alone resource but to also work in coordination with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) Adaptation Workbook. Presenting a collection of climate change adaptations that can be made for natural resource management, organized from broader to more specific ideas. In  addition to natural resource management the menu has also been used to plan climate adaptation projects for infrastructure, emergency preparedness, community health and indigenous food sovereignty. It also includes a Guiding Principle document containing detailed considerations when working with tribal communities, with the hope to better connect stakeholders from the indigenous communities and surrounding public.

Image used with permission by the GLIFWC

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To see more about The Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu, click here: https://www.glifwc.org/ClimateChange/TribalAdaptationMenuV1.pdf

Citation: Tribal Adaptation Menu Team. 2019. Dibaginjigaadeg Anishinaabe Ezhitwaad: A Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu. Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, Odanah, Wisconsin. 54 p.

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