Advocate for More Public Transportation Spending

Transportation accounts for approximately 26% of Duluth’s greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce those emissions, we need to invest in designing streets and public spaces that prioritize people-first transportation.

Transportation is currently the number one contributor of greenhouse gas emissions here in Minnesota and across the U.S. It is no surprise: for decades, our transportation systems and fossil fuels have gone hand in hand. One way to meet Duluth’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals is to transform Duluth into a community where people walk, bike, take transit, or carpool for most trips in a safe, accessible, and affordable transportation network. This means a serious investment in essential, climate-friendly options like public transit, bicycling, and walking.

While part of the transportation emissions occur moving into and outside of Duluth, investing in public transportation can reduce the GHG emissions from transportation within the city boundaries. Public transportation investments can help reduce commutes in single-occupancy vehicles.

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