Support Fuel Efficiency Standards

To meet its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, the Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan urged the City of Duluth to take a leadership position in supporting fuel efficiency standards. This has been achieved and standards are moving forward on several front:

  • The state adopted the Clean Car Standards, which sets limits on tailpipe emissions for light- and medium-duty vehicles sold in Minnesota and requires manufacturers to sell more EVs
  • The City passed the Vehicle Replacement Policy in June 2022 and secured funding to replace current fleet vehicles with low and no carbon alternatives
  • In 2014, Duluth became a Green Step City and achieved a high rating for the installation of EV charging stations
  • Staff members have joined state coalitions to work on emissions reduction
  • The City of Duluth’s Sustainability Officer serves on the MNDOT Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee on both the Fueling and Powering and EV subcommittees

By pushing fuel efficiency standards, Duluth has become a leader in greenhouse gas reductions by taking steps to protect our air quality and the long-term health and safety of our community, so this action is a success!  

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