Duluth Shines! Solar Potential Map

The Duluth Shines! Solar Map is a web-based program that shows you the solar potential on your Duluth-based home or business. Developed by Ecolibrium3, in partnership with the US Department of Energy’s Solar Market Pathways program, St. Louis County, the City of Duluth, the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Geospatial Analysis Center, and the National Renewable Energy Lab, it lets residents and business owners know how much rooftop solar energy could be produced on their buildings. 

The program is free and simple to use. Once you type in your address, the program will zoom in on a satellite photo for a closer look of your home and neighborhood. Every structure, 200 square feet or larger, shows up digitized for solar, so you can even check out the solar potential of your garage. 

Get involved

Now that you’ve learned more, the best way to create change is by getting involved! Donate your money or time, find support, and take action. Citizen climate action means a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Duluth!

Learn more and get involved with the Duluth Shines! Solar Map.