City of Duluth Housing Indicator Report

The City of Duluth produces an annual Housing Indicator Report to track data regarding market trends and demands, details regarding market fluctuation during the past year, and details to better understand new construction and rehabilitation needs in Duluth. The report is built upon a variety of sources including the U.S. Census, American Community Survey, St. Louis County, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Duluth Area Realtors’ Association, and the City of Duluth. 

This report continues to provide an important basis for evaluation between the City of Duluth and St. Louis County when considering housing trends and the needs for new and rehabilitated housing for all citizens, regardless of income.

It also brings to light the age of Duluth’s housing stock, with a large percent of its housing stock over 50 years old. Duluth’s oldest housing stock is located in the older, core neighborhoods where 100-year-old homes are very common. In order for most of these homes to remain habitable, these properties need to be properly maintained or rehabilitated to meet standards. Rehabbing old buildings with energy-saving retrofits can provide immediate results in the fight against climate change whereas new, energy-efficient buildings can take decades to recoup the energy that was embodied in all of the new materials used for construction.

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