Complete Cleanup of the St. Louis River and Protect It

One way to reduce our carbon emissions is to protect our ecosystems. When land and ecosystems are deliberately protected, activities that release carbon from vegetation and soil are stopped before they start. 

Duluth-area streams are divided by two major watersheds: Lake Superior South and the St. Louis River, which is one of the top 10 most at risk rivers in the US due to the historical degradation from legacy contaminants from mining and construction. Twenty-four streams flow into the St. Louis River through Duluth and there are 16 major trout streams in Duluth, providing a vital water resource and habitat.

We need to complete the cleanup and impairments of the St. Louis River from the St. Louis River Area of Concern 2023 Remedial Action Plan and ensure future development and activities do not make us take a step backwards.

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