Buy a More Fuel-Efficient Car

With the transportation sector now responsible for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota and in the country, the cars we choose to drive can significantly impact our individual carbon footprints. By making each gallon of gasoline go further, more fuel-efficient vehicles generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants. This is good for the climate and for the health of all Minnesotans. The public health benefits of reduced emissions are particularly significant for the lower-income and minority communities that often live along major roadways and thus bear the brunt of the pollution from cars and trucks.

Fortunately, choosing a more fuel-efficient vehicle is not only the right choice for the planet and public health, but it’s also the right financial choice. Despite often having higher upfront costs, more efficient cars save households money over the lifetime of the vehicle due to reduced spending on fuel. This is true even during times of low gasoline prices: Consumer Reports found that even with gas prices at $2 to $3 per gallon, increasing fuel efficiency from 21 to 29 mpg can save up to $600 in annual fuel costs. And for larger vehicles like pickup trucks, the fuel savings are even more significant.

Next time you are in the market for a vehicle, opt for a more fuel-efficient car, or an even more efficient electric model. When you do, you can help reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, promote public health, and stop wasting time and money at the pump.


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