Duluth Community Garden Teaching Kits

The Duluth Community Garden Program (DCGP) envisions a healthy community for all Duluthians. The program has twenty community gardens throughout Duluth with two hundred garden plots. DCGP believes that any Duluthian who chooses to grow or garden their own food should have equal access to the land, resources, and educational tools to do so. It promotes food security by encouraging community members to grow their own food and reduce the reliance on our global food system network.

The Garden Program Teaching Kits are meant to increase education on gardening, soil, food, and plant sciences in the classroom. DCGP has sixteen teaching kits available, with lesson plans for elementary to high school teachers to help get students and teachers involved in gardening and food. The teaching kits are available at the Great Lakes Aquarium website. Lesson plans and information on how to check out a kit are available on the DCGP website under gardener resources.

Get involved

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Find the lesson plans at the Duluth Community Garden website. And, check out the kits in the Teacher Resources section of the Great Lakes Aquarium website.