Recognize Significance of Indigenous Land

Recognize that the land you live on holds great historical, spiritual, and personal significance for its original and continuing stewards, the Anishinaabeg people, before them the Dakota and Northern Cheyenne people and other Native peoples from time immemorial.

“The Anishinaabe person is inseparable from the land; identity, sense of place and history is intimately related to the land. We originated here. The North American Indigenous person did not migrate from anywhere else, nor originate from any other peoples. The Creator took four parts of Earth and molded the form of the first human person. Since then, all of humankind has been related to the Earth in a very intimate way—the Earth, in fact, is our Mother. The human person is a relative to all other persons of the Earth, and, along with all creatures call the Earth, Mother.”  -James Dumont (Foushee and Senogles)

For more information and support in building out you or your organization’s recognition of the land you live on being historically significant to indigenous people, seek out the following resources:

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