Shift to a Relational Mindset

A simple yet effective way to make a conscious effort in the fight against climate change is to shift to a relational mindset. Start thinking about how the world is connected, specifically how humans interact with the environment and ecosystem around them. Here are three ways in which humans and the environment interact with each other. 

1. Humans Depend on the Environment:

The natural environment is made up of living things and non living things. Humans depend on the natural environment for their basic needs; food, shelter, and clothing.

2. Humans Modify the Environment: 

People modify the natural environment to meet their needs. For example, they build dams, plow and irrigate fields, and dig mines. They build houses, schools, and shopping centers on land. This also includes human’s impact on the earth’s health. Creating pollution, litter and carbon dioxide all affect the earth’s condition.

3. Humans Adapt to the Environment: 

Humans have settled in virtually every corner of the world by successfully adapting to various natural settings. For example, people who live in Minnesota use heating units to keep their homes warm in winter.

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