Little Knife Sanctuary

The Little Knife Sanctuary is dedicated to engaging a community of people whose skills promote creativity, harmony, and respect of nature and natural living. It consists of 20 acres northeast of Duluth along Highway 61 and emphasizes environment, nature, simplified living, permaculture, herbal studies, small house building, and creative pursuits of music, filmmaking, and writing.

The property includes Blauhaus (Blue House), the core gathering place on the sanctuary used for workshops, film nights, and artist residencies. On the property are also 5 vintage trailers that have been restored in order to provide housing for artist residents. 

The Little Knife River cuts the property in two sections. The western side of the river is where the artist residency is located. The eastern side of the river is the future site of permaculture community farming. This will include hugel beds, fruit forests, compost toilets, camping sites, common shelter, and nature trails. The garden area will be a cleared island in the middle of the forest. This is a way to establish a healthy relation between wilderness and permaculture farming.

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