Round River Farm

Round River Farm is an off-grid homestead tucked away in the northern forest along the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is nestled in the lap of the Sawtooth Mountains, near Finland, MN. The farm uses photovoltaic and wind for electricity, a traditional windmill to pump water, a greywater system and compost toilet to recycle waste, the sun and wood for heat and hot water, and buildings and structures constructed with timbers and stone. Round River Farm was founded on the ideal of sustainability and balance within the environment. 

Also included on the homestead is about one acre of tilled crops, including four high tunnels. Several more acres are in fruit and nut orchards, which also serve as pasture for a small flock of Shetland sheep and as forage for honeybees and free range chickens.

The homestead also offers a variety of workshops on renewable energy, sustainable living, and agriculture, either at their homestead or through North House Folk School.

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