Notice Your Energy Waste

Do you turn off lights when you leave a room? Do you have lights on even when there is plenty of natural lighting? Are fans, air conditioning, or heating running when you’re out of the house all day? Do you leave your phone plugged in to charge all night? You’d be surprised by how much energy is used by a seemingly insignificant act. One of the first and easiest steps you can take if you want to conserve energy and increase building efficiency is to calculate your energy consumption and evaluate where vampire loads are draining energy in the background. From there you can learn how to conserve energy by unplugging electronics, relying on natural light more often, questioning your expectations of comfort, reducing screen time, or investing in energy efficient appliances, light fixtures, and more!

You can use this Energy Calculator to determine how much energy each of your devices, appliances, and lighting fixtures uses and how much that costs you on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. 

Once you know how much energy you’re using, what’s next? Scroll down for more actions you can take to conserve energy or check out one of these helpful links:

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