Project for Public Spaces / Transportation

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit organization that pioneered the global placemaking movement, the art and science of developing public spaces that attract people, build community by bringing people together, and create local identity.

Effective placemaking techniques help to transform everyday public spaces into active places that breed engagement and economic development, drive environmental sustainability, and are exciting places to live, work, play, shop, learn and visit.

  1. Public places foster attachment and spark economic growth. Placemaking can focus on the unique features of particular places, build on existing assets, and use them to attract new investment and strengthen existing businesses.
  2. Placemaking process builds community. The community engagement necessary in organizing, deliberating, communicating, building, programming and maintaining public places—is as important for strengthening and empowering local communities as the physical outcome.
  3. Placemaking lays foundation for environmentalism. By engaging members of the community in the process of creating and sustaining local public places, it can empower people to take ownership of their local environment.

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Now that you’ve learned more, the best way to create change is by getting involved! Donate your money or time, find support, and take action. Citizen climate action means a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Duluth!

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