Provide Bike Racks

Are you looking for ways to increase foot traffic for your business? Why not add bike racks by your storefront? Grab the attention of potential shoppers with bike racks safely positioned by the entrance of the store. Bike riding decreases traffic congestion and parking issues, so the more people who bike (or walk) to your store, the more access other shoppers will have to shopping as well.  

Add an active lifestyle or environmentally focused display or a chalkboard sign with a humorous message to grab attention (and maybe encourage social media attention as well!). You may choose something funny such as: “Studies have shown that riding a bike to our store makes you more awesome than the general population.” Or you could try something inspiring: “Do not ride a bike to add days to your life; ride a bike to add life to your years.” You may also encourage bike riding with discounts: “Ride your bike to our store, show us your helmet or bike lock, and get 5% off your purchase!”

You may consider hydrating your customers and their pets as well. Shoppers get thirsty walking and biking around, so offering free water bottle refills or pet water bowls, can help encourage active shoppers to stop by.

Finally, you may think about hosting an event when you put in bike racks, creating a fun activity for customers to bike or walk to your store.

Each of these ideas can increase visitors to your business and help you make a contribution to reducing our community’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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