Source Locally

Sourcing products locally is not just a trend, it is also an important step towards sustainable business practices. The idea is to lessen your contribution to the use of fossil fuels that is necessary to transport goods long distances. 

Buying from local vendors and manufacturers cuts down on fuel emissions because it takes less fuel to transport goods than it would to transport them across the country or across continents. You also support your local economy and foster community pride when you source locally. It is easier to build lasting, trustworthy partnerships with vendors when you can meet them face-to-face. It can also help reduce your contribution to slave labor and unfair treatment of factory workers when you buy supplies from vendors that hire local workers who are protected by strict regulations.


  1. Think about the transport method: it is not just the distance that a product travels that impacts its miles; it is also the method of transportation.
  2. Buy in bulk: purchasing materials or products in large quantities makes sense in terms of both reducing transport miles and saving money.

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