Sign on to the Superior Compact

A strong desire for local foods has led Duluth and surrounding communities to embrace regional food system investments. Local organizations, food policy councils and/or regional food networks have developed local and regional purchasing goals so as to help drive investments in the local food economy and to highlight regional leadership. 

The Superior Compact, a 20% local by 2020 purchasing commitment was tailored for retail and institutional food purchasers. It includes the first regional directory of producers currently supplying the largest institutions and restaurants in our region. The report includes strategies to help restaurants and institutions market their commitment to local foods, and to motivate food distributors to support regional producers and food businesses.

The restaurants, institutions, and food businesses that have signed onto the Superior Compact have made a public commitment to take measurable steps toward increasing their local food procurement. 

Interested in signing? Read the A 20% By 2020 Local Purchasing Toolkit Report to learn more and connect with the Institute for a Sustainable Future, who authored the report.

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