Develop Local Food Infrastructure

Food infrastructure is the foundation required for the production, processing, storage, distribution, retailing, consumption and waste management of food within the local food system. Developing a food system centered on good food—food that is healthy, green, fair, and affordable— includes shaping the infrastructure of Duluth’s food system.

Food infrastructure covers everything needed in the agri-food supply chain of activity between the consumer and the producer. These supply chains include: 

  • Production (e.g. seeds, equipment)
  • Processing (e.g. canning, washing, freezing food)
  • Aggregation and distribution (e.g. storage facilities and delivery trucks)
  • Retailing (e.g. grocery stores, restaurants)
  • Marketing (e.g. promotional materials including billboards and commercials)
  • Capital (includes financial, natural, human and social capital)


Access to infrastructure can open up tremendous opportunities for the local economy. It would make buying local food an easier choice for businesses, institutions and individuals.

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