UMD Natural Resources Research Institute

UMD’s Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) is a multidisciplinary, applied research institute focused on Minnesota’s many natural resources. NRRI has 19 labs for land, wildlife, water, and minerals research, as well as an additive manufacturing lab and several technology development labs. NRRI is an economic development research institute based in science.

NRRI seeks and maintains relationships with industry, agencies, government, environmental groups, business and academics in order to address challenges in Minnesota. Two projects that are currently being developed by NRRI are: the production of bio-coal at its Biomass Conversion Lab; and the development of a quick-assembly, energy-efficient house model named House3.

NRRI’s Natural Resources Atlas and resources mapping tool is a helpful tool for exploring everything from Minnesota’s vegetation to minerals in its groundwater. It also includes a social vulnerability index.

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