Urge Our Gas Utility to Meet State Efficiency Mandates

In 2007, Minnesota passed the Next Generation Energy Act, which in part mandated that every energy utility implement a program that works to save customers energy. This Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) mandates that utilities save 1.5% of their total energy produced per year and provide program options for businesses and residential consumers, including low-income households. CIP has saved 14% of Minnesota’s total electric demand since its inception and has a high return on investment by employing the building trades to make energy efficiency improvements.

These programs help households decrease their own energy burden by making energy improvements to their homes, assist businesses in retrofitting their processes and retail spaces, and save all of Minnesota the burden of building new, costly power generation facilities.

Comfort Systems, our municipal gas utility, has failed to exceed even its revised 1% savings goal. While programs have begun to work with households and renters, Duluth’s old housing stock is ripe for significant investment in energy savings through Comfort Systems CIP Programs. 

Let Comfort Systems know you want them to meet their state-mandated efficiency goals in the letter below.


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