Whole Foods Co-op

Whole Foods Co-op is a community-owned grocery store that helps promote a local, sustainable food system and healthy community through its purchasing of local, organic, and fair-trade foods. Started in 1970 as a buyers club in the basement of Chester Creek House on 13th Avenue East and 2nd Street, the co-op has grown over the last 50 years to more than 11,500 owners and stores in both the Hillside and Denfeld neighborhoods. 

With its emphasis on supporting the development of a regional food system, the co-op purchases from over 150 local vendors and 98 bioregional vendors. It also works with local farmers to compost or use its waste for animal feed.

The co-op also acts as a role model for environmental stewardship. In 2005 its Hillside store was the first LEED-certified building in the Duluth area.

The co-op offers educational opportunities through community classes that emphasize personal and community health. And, it supports many community organizations and causes through donations and inviting customers to round-up to the nearest dollar when shopping.

Whole Foods Co-op also promotes equity. Ownership in the co-op is a one-time equity investment of $100, with lower-price options for community members with limited means. 

Get involved

Now that you’ve learned more, the best way to create change is by getting involved! Donate your money or time, find support, and take action. Citizen climate action means a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Duluth!

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