WLSSD Food Waste Composting

The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) is the waste treatment facility that serves a 530-mile region around Duluth. Instead of food waste contributing to landfill mass and methane gas emissions, food scraps can be used to replenish soil by turning it into compost.

Food scrap drop-off sites can be found throughout the city for residents. WLSSD also offers free assistance to businesses for recycling food waste. The food scraps are turned into a compost blend, Garden Green compost, that can be purchased at local retail outlets, like the Whole Foods Co-op.

In addition to composting, WLSSD provides waste-free party kits to help events be waste free. WLSSD provides instructions, signs, containers, and special bags that come along with the kits.

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Learn more about reducing your waste and composting at WLSSD.

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