Advocate for a Renewable Energy Power Grid

Supporting a renewable energy grid is one way to move us towards our greenhouse gas emissions goals. By transforming our grid to renewable energy and moving to electrification of our vehicles, appliances, and heating sources, our energy use will not have to rely on carbon.

A creative approach must be used for how the two largest emissions sectors (transportation and energy) can work with one another towards lowering emissions. Advocating for a renewable energy grid is one way to get there. For example, energy companies can build solar farms to create energy to power electric buses that transport people within a city. In Gothenburg, Sweden, the ElectriCity program “develops and tests solutions for tomorrow’s electrified transports. Quiet, gas-free buses, ferries and even heavy vehicles powered by renewable electricity” (Electric City, 2019). This type of innovation comes from industry, research, and governments working together.

One action you can take is to advocate for create a renewable energy power grid that works for our economy and environment. The economics are trending away from fossil fuels and Duluth needs to adopt a renewable grid for environmental and economic reasons. Almost 75% of the US’s coal-fired power plants cost more to operate than if wind and solar were built according to a 2019 report from Energy Innovations. Let us innovate and build a renewable power grid to power electric vehicles and energy needs across Duluth.

See the energy production actions for actions you can take to move Duluth towards a renewable energy grid.

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