Support More Electric Buses

We can be proud that Duluth became one of the first ten places in the United States to move towards zero-emissions transit in 2018. But let’s not stop there. We can expand our fleet of zero-emissions buses. It is the right thing to do for the economy and the environment:

  • EV buses are cheaper to run: Electric buses are cheaper to power since they do not rely on the price of fossil fuels. With no expensive exhaust systems or fuel injection systems, EV buses will be cheaper to maintain.
  • EV buses can run on renewable energy and create less pollution.
  • EV buses are better for our health since harmful exhaust emissions are not emitted.

Finally, electric buses will help Duluth meet our carbon reduction goal of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide we generate by 80 percent by 2050. Let us keep Duluth on the path to a zero-emission fleet and continue to invest in more electric buses.

Photo by CTE

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