Headshot of Adam Kurowski

New Staff Feature: Adam Kurowksi

Ecolibrium3 is pleased to welcome our newest staff member, Adam Kurowski. Adam joins our staff as Community and Energy Projects Manager.

Image of crosswalk installed on Superior St and 23rd Ave. There is a crisp white crosswalk, colorful street mural, and delineators. We can also see delineators and signs make an island in the turn lane, so people crossing have a safe space to stand in the street.

Lincoln Park Crosswalk Study Concludes

As snow starts to fall, the temporary crosswalk installation project is coming to a close. Read about what we’ve learned, share your feedback, and see what’s next for West Superior Street!

View of Lincoln Park from the hill above. We can see the new playground, full of kids and parents; people sitting under a shade structure, and a large crowd gathered in front of the stone pavilion.

Lincoln Park Open for All!

The Lincoln Park reopening on October 17 was a joyous occasion celebrating updates to a beloved neighborhood space. Read about the updates to the park and the dedication of the Renee Van Nett Pavilion.

Two people examine a doorjamb.

Window into Energy Savings

Our homes lose a lot of heat through the windows and doors. But you may not need to replace them to make your home comfortable! Read our tips for weatherizing your windows, and how the Inflation Reduction Act can help.

Headshot of Jennifer Hansen

New Staff Feature: Jennifer Hansen

Ecolibrium3 is pleased to welcome our newest staff member, Jennifer Hansen. Jenn joins our staff as Director of Main Street Lincoln Park and Business Sustainability.

Energy auditor insulates a pipe leading into a hot water heater.

The IRA: Home Appliances

The Inflation Reduction Act includes support for upgrading appliances. In the meantime, we have tips to lower your energy bill without purchasing new equipment.

Ecolibrium3 storefront on W Superior St

Requesting Community Input for Grocery Plans

For years, Lincoln Park residents have advocated for a neighborhood grocery store. Ecolibrium3 is taking steps to make this a reality. Now we need your input! Take a few minutes to complete our survey.

New blue DTA bus parked in front of the Essentia building.

Better Bus for the Climate

Bus riders are experiencing big changes from the Duluth Transit Authority this fall. These changes are aligned with the goals of the Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan.

Farm staff smiles at the camera and sits in high tunnel surrounded by tall, healthy tomato and basil plants.

Autumn at the Farm

Four months of Saturdays at the Farm have come and gone. Thanks to everyone who helped the Farm grow and thrive this summer!