Urge Duluth School Leaders to Invest in Energy Improvements

The US Department of Energy launched Renew America’s Schools Program in 2022 with $500 million in funding available to promote clean energy improvements at K-12 public schools. This program, made possible through the Biden Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, enables high-need school communities to make energy upgrades through a holistic approach. Funding is available for a variety of options including: new HVAC and ventilation systems; building envelope and lighting projects; renewable energy technologies; and even alternative fuel vehicles. The goal of this program is to promote clean energy infrastructure upgrades that will: 

  • Create healthier learning environments to improve the health of students, teachers, and occupants
  • Lower utility costs
  • Improve indoor air quality 

During the first year of the program, funding was more than doubled (from $80 million to $178 million) due to high demand from schools across the country. The next round of funding will open in Spring 2024 and now is the time to encourage the Duluth Public Schools District ISD 709 to act on this opportunity. 

The district can also look into other chances for energy upgrade savings in the Inflation Reduction Act. The federal bill passed in 2022 also provides landmark opportunities for public and private entities to get tax credits and discounts on energy efficient technology that will help mitigate climate change.



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