Join a Community Solar Garden

You may know how solar panels provide energy to your home, but have your heard about community solar gardens? Community solar gardens are a simple way for citizens to harness the energy of the sun without having to install an entire system on their home or business. If you rent, or simply do not have a suitable roof for generating electricity from the sun, community solar is a perfect option. 

If you are interested in using renewable energy but are not ready to fully commit to an entire system, a community solar garden is the perfect step into the word of clean power.

Here are a few resources to explore the possibility of a solar garden:

The Lincoln Park Solar Garden is a 40-kilowatt solar array at the northeastern entrance to Lincoln Park. It is Duluth’s first community-owned, low-income solar project and serves as a model for other possible solar gardens in our community.

Minnesota Power retail customers are eligible for a solar garden program. Customers can sign up for a monthly subscription or pay an upfront fee to get part of their energy from a community solar garden.

Interested in learning more? A great place to start is NREL’s Guide to Community Solar, or check out the Duluth Shines! Solar Potential Map to find out if your home or community is a great place for Duluth’s next community solar garden.

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