Develop Microgrid Energy

Microgrids are self-contained power grids that are autonomous of a large central grid. They could be defined as little islands that are 100% reliable on their own power generation. Most microgrids are created with a combination of energy storage, renewable sources, and smart technology to balance supply and demand.  Several universities are beginning to use microgrid technology. St. Thomas University in Minneapolis-St. Paul uses a microgrid, fueled by biodiesel, solar, and wind, for power generation and research.  

Microgrids could also be considered for communities, office parks and large buildings.  The Blue Lake Rancheria microgrid is located on the Wiyot, Yurok, and Hupa Native American 76-acre reservation in Humboldt County, California. Watch this 1 minute video to find out more about Blue Lake Rancheria’s low-carbon grid:

If you are interested in learning more about microgrid technology, the St. Thomas University site is a wealth of information:

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