Duluth for Clean Water

Duluth for Clean Water is an all-volunteer organization seeking a healthy future for the St. Louis River and Lake Superior watershed. The organization opposes the Glencore/PolyMet copper sulfide mining proposal as unsafe for Minnesota, and in particular downstream communities. 

Duluth for Clean Water highlights existing research on the 14 operational copper mines in the US that indicates that the Glencore/Polymet mine and dam would have a high likelihood of spills and impoundment failures, which would release toxic chemicals into the local watershed. Duluth for Clean Water has also expressed concern that heavy precipitation events associated with climate change have not been considered in the PolyMet permit review process. Duluth for Clean Water seeks to elevate the voices of downstream communities about this issue that stands to impact them most. 
Currently Duluth for Clean Water is party to the legal cases challenging the PolyMet permits in court, and has expressed an interest in the pursuit of safer development opportunities for northeastern Minnesota.
Image used with permission by Duluth for Clean Water

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