Minnesota Power 2015 Integrated Resource Plan

Every two years in Minnesota, each of the 11 investor-owned utilities that sell electricity are required to file an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC). The plans detail the utilities’ energy forecasts for the next 15 years, including which energy sources (coal, wind, solar, etc.) they will employ, how they will transmit energy, which infrastructure investments they will make, and more. This process allows citizens to see how companies are deciding what kind of energy investments they are making and to add their voices to the process.

Minnesota Power, Duluth’s investor-owned electric utility, is currently operating under its 2015 IRP, having filed for multiple extensions for its 2018 plan (now the 2020 plan which will cover 2021-2035). The power mix in the 2015 plan is 35% renewables, 20% natural gas, and 45% coal. Minnesota Power has yet to share details of its 2020 plan.

Participating in the IRP process can allow Duluth citizens better understanding of how Minnesota Power is making decisions that affect our community.

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