Minnesota Power 2015 Integrated Resource Plan

Minnesota Powers 2015 Resource plan,submitted in 2015. Was produced to demonstrate its next steps in their EnergyForward resource strategies. With the overall goal of EnergyForward to help move Minnesota Powers energy portfolio from predominantly coal to more reliable and diverse sources while keeping costs low. This means keeping in mind improvements in environmental performance with reduced emissions and maintaining the company’s goal of adding renewables in the near future and natural gas in the long term.

Over the next 15 years Minnesota Power plans to address numerous facets of the overall company to meet their goals. With plans already underway to reduce 90% percent of their air emissions and a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, from 2005 levels.

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To look more in depth at Minnesota Power’s plan to transition their operations into the future, click here:https://www.mnpower.com/Content/Documents/Environment/2015-resource-plan.pdf