Utility Conservation Improvement Regulations

Minnesota electric utilities and natural gas utilities, including our local Minnesota Power and ComfortSystems, are required to invest 1.5% of their gross operating revenues on Conservation Improvement Programs (CIP) each year to help business and residential customers become more energy efficient. This is a demand-side initiative, meaning that reducing the demand for energy reduces the need to produce more energy. CIP programs typically return $4 of energy savings, environmental benefit, and new economic activity for every $1 invested.

Minnesota Commerce, through CIP, also provides grant funding to research new energy efficiency technologies and strategies to maximize energy savings, improve the effectiveness of energy conservation programs, and document the carbon dioxide reductions from energy conservation. 

Typical CIP programs include:

  • Rebates for high efficiency boilers, chillers, and rooftop units

  • Rebates for high efficiency lighting and lighting control systems

  • Rebates for high efficiency motors and drives

  • Building recommissioning studies

  • Manufacturing process improvements that reduce energy intensity and improve productivity

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