Walk, Bike, or Bus to Work Once a Week

We know committing to walking, biking or taking public transit to work is a big step if you are used to driving. While biking every day sounds admirable, is it achievable immediately? Begin by setting a goal to commute one to three times per week. After you can consistently achieve success, add more commuting segments or days. Perhaps set up a goal to bike or walk to work on days when you don’t have meetings before 9am? Or commit to biking or walking when it is above 50 degrees F.  

And remember, if this is the first time you will be using alternative transportation, practice makes perfect so do a run on the weekend. Ride or walk at an easy pace, knowing that if you were in a bind for time, you could pick up the pace.

If you are choosing to use public transportation for the first time, check schedules and always have a back-up in case buses are late. If you know you may be in a rush after work to get kids or your pet, perhaps drive those days until you feel comfortable with your new public transportation routine.

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