Advocate for Expanded Bus Access

Transportation accounts for approximately 17% of Duluth’s greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce those emissions, we need to prioritize street design and modes of transportation that put people first like accessible public transportation.

Duluth is moving towards a clean, carbon-free transportation system that improves the health and livability of our communities. The DTA’s Better Bus Blueprint system is set to launch on August 27. It includes 14 more efficient routes, expanded and more accessible service, and two new high-frequency “Go-Lines.” The expanded bus service and access will reduce road congestion and travel times. Additionally, with a transportation system that is less dependent on cars, we will see improvements in air quality from less pollution, and less energy and oil consumption. Higher air quality and less dependence on fossil fuels benefit both riders and non-riders alike.

Our current bus system still causes problems of inequity. While there is public transit accessibility throughout the Duluth metro area especially during peak times like morning and evening commutes, some people work the night shift where the bus, walking, and biking is not always an option. Taking transit from the poorest neighborhoods in Duluth versus the richest should not be a different experience.

Nor should public transit be physically challenging for anyone in Duluth. Our differently abled citizens need access to ensure safe transportation routes. 

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