Join a Solar Group Buy

A solar group buy is a group of individuals or business owners, often tied together by some common affiliation, teaming up to help each other go solar. A group can be formed by a local municipality, club, neighborhood, employer, etc. Typically, individuals have a time frame to sign up to get solar installed on their rooftops by an installer at a discounted group rate. Because the more people who go solar the lower the price for everyone, solar group buys inspire many people to go solar who otherwise wouldn’t.

Who Benefits?

Property owners: Property owners get access to lower prices for high quality solar arrays that save them money on their electric bill for decades and increase their energy independence.

Communities: Communities reach their climate goals faster through the education and investment of their residents in solar photovoltaics.

The environment: Emissions from hundreds of thousands of pounds of fossil fuels are avoided thanks to dozens of property owners producing their own clean electricity.

Here are some resources to help you determine the solar potential of your home or building and to learn more about solar group buys:

Learn about the solar potential of your home or building: 
Duluth Shines! Solar Potential Map

Learn more about solar group buys and how they work:
Midwest Renewable Energy Association Solar Group Buy

Join a community solar project in Duluth:
Solar United Neighbors Duluth Solar Group Buy
Minnesota Power Community Solar Garden

Help fund solar power for low-income residents of Duluth:
Solar United Neighbors “Share the Sun” Campaign

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