St. Louis River Corridor Trails Plan

The 2017 St. Louis River Corridor Trails Plan builds on the vision of the 2011 Duluth Trail and Bikeway Master Plan to make Duluth the premier trail city in North America. To become a premier trail city, Duluth seeks to provide quality trail experiences for a variety of users within the City.

The St. Louis River Corridor Trails Plan guides future decisions about appropriate use of specific trails and trail systems. It identifies gaps in trail resources and, to the greatest extent possible, proposes new trails or upgraded uses that will fill those gaps. Guiding principles for the trails include being accessible and safe; demonstrating high levels of sustainability in siting, construction, maintenance, and operations; ensuring equitable access to quality parks and trails in all areas of the River Corridor for people of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes; and being sensitive to the environment and critical habitats.

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